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Corvette Grand Sport

Grand Sport

Corvette Grand Sport Description

The Corvette Grand Sport Returns

The latest member of the Corvette lineup, the 2017 Grand Sport carries on the racing spirit of the original 1963 model, combining the power of the legendary LT1 6.2L engine with a lightweight, race-bred chassis and aerodynamics package to provide incredible grip and handling.

Corvette Grand Sport

Inspired by a legend

1963 Grand Sport

Born to dominate the track, the 1963 Corvette Grand Sport was crafted from lightweight materials and packed the power of a 6.2L 377 CI small block V8 engine. Only five prototypes were created, but their impact on the future of Chevrolet racing can't be overstated. All five original Grand Sport models exist to this day.

1996 Grand Sport

In 1996, Corvette Grand Sport returned to the lineup with a limited run of 1,000 as a way to mark the end of the 4th generation Corvette production. This iteration was equipped with the high-performance LT4 V8 in addition to the ZR1 chassis and featured the iconic paint scheme of Admiral Blue with a white stripe and red hash marks.

2010 Grand Psort

The 2010 Grand Sport was built on the wider Z06 chassis and featured the 436 horsepower 6.2L LS3 V8 engine. It was a perfect blend of performance and efficiency, going 0 to 60 in 3.95 seconds and achieving 1.0g on the skidpad with 26 MPG highway fuel economy. A Heritage Package featured signature hash marks above the front fenders.

Own the track

The 2017 Grand Sport features a 6.2L LT1 V8 engine, capable of 460 horsepower and 465 lb.-ft. of torque. The compact design lowers the hoodline, providing optimal weight balance. A dry-sump oil system delivers oil flow through the most extreme cornering, helping Grand Sport deliver a consistently high level of performance.

Corvette Grand Sport Full Price List

Coupe 3LT MT  £75,220
Coupe 3LT AT  £77,450
Convertible 3LT MT  £78,840
Convertible 3LT AT  £81,070

Free Flow Options: Corvette

MSRP, incl. VAT & Reg. Tax, incl AC*

M5U 8-speed automatic transmission with paddle shift  £2,400
GAN Blade Silver Metallic  £760
GTR Admiral Blue Metallic  £760
G7Q Watkins Glen Gray Metallic  £760
GGA Black Rose Metallic  £760
G9F Ceramix Matrix Gray  £760
G1E Long Beach Red Metallic Tintcoat  £1,500
GC6 Corvette Racing Yellow Tintcoat  £1,500
DTH Racing decal package Carbon Flash - full length n.a. with GBA  £725
DTR Racing decal package Crystal Claret - full length n.a. with GKZ, G1E  £725
DTP Racing decal package Blade Silver - full length n.a. with GAN  £725
DTN Racing decal package Cyber Gray - full length  £725
DTQ Racing decal package Inferno Orange- full length n.a. with G1H  £725
DWA Racing decal package Racing Yellow - full length n.a. with GC6  £725
DTW Racing decal package Carbon Flash - hood stinger n.a. with GBA  £365
DXM Racing decal package Shark Gray - hood stinger  £365
DYV Racing decal package Satin Black - hood stinger  £365
DVQ Stinger hood stripe - Jake Logo in two-tone Carbon Flash  £400
UQT Performance data recorder including forward camera  £1,350
AE4 Competition Seat  £1,990
FAY Carbon Fiber instrument panel  £800
ERI Battery Protection Package  £85
CC3 Transparent Roof Panel & Removable (Conv. Only)  £815
C2Z Visible Carbon Fiber Roof Panel with Body Color Surround & Removable  £1,585
C2Q Two Top Package (Body Color Roof & Transparent Roof ) (CFA & CC3)  £1,585
C2M Two Top Package 2 (Visible Carbon Fiber Roof & Transparent Roof) (C2Z & CC3)  £2,400
B92 Hood with visible Carbon Fiber center section  £1,990
E57 Convertible tonneau cover with Carbon Fiber inserts  £1,200
TTV Carbon Flash OSRV mirrors (n.a. with GBA). Stingray includes rear spoiler in Carbon Flash  £400
J6E Yellow painted Calipers  £470
39F Red Safety belt color  £345
J6E Yellow painted Calipers  £380
TU7 Two tone seat color  £585
36S Custom Yellow stiching on black seat (IL5 or IL6 only)  £585
37S Custom Blue stiching on black seat (IL5 or IL8 only)  £585
38S Custom Red stiching on black seat (IL5 or IL6 only)  £585

Free Flow Options: Grand Sport

3LT IL5 Nappa leather with perforated leather seating surfaces  INCLUDED 
3LT IL6 Nappa leather with seating surfaces, steering wheel and gearshift in sueded microfiber  £800
3LT IL8 + FCC Black perforated Nappa leather seating surface with extended sueded microfiber insterts & High Gloss Carbon Fiber instrument panel  £3,190
  Z07+CFV Z07 performance pack + Carbon fiber ground effects - visible clear coat (splitter/rockers/spoiler)  £11,250
  Z07+CFZ Z07 performance pack + Carbon fiber ground effects - Carbon Flash painted (splitter/rockers/spoiler)  £10,530
  Z30 Carbon 65 Edition  £15,100
  Z30 + Z07 Carbon 65 Edition + Z07 performance pack  £23,860
  J57 Carbon Ceramic brakes n.a with Z07 performance pack  £6,370
  CFV Carbon fiber ground effects - visible clear coat (splitter/rockers/spoiler)  £3,850
  CFZ Carbon fiber ground effects - Carbon Flash painted (splitter/rockers/spoiler)  £2,990
  Z15 Grand Sport Heritage Package  £360
  DNE Racing decal package Carbon Flash Metallic - full length(only with Z15)  £725
  DXX Racing decal package Racing Artic White - full length(only with Z15)  £725
  DXT Racing decal package Racing Fusion Gray - full length(only with Z15)  £725
  DXU Racing decal package Sterling Blue - full length(only with Z15)  £725
  DXP Racing decal package Torch Red - full length(only with Z15)  £725
  EFX Exterior trim / vents finish - Fusion Gray  £400
  EFY Exterior trim / vents finish - body color  £400
  Q8X Black Gloss Grand Sport aluminium Cup wheels:  Front 19 X 10.0J; Rear 20 X 12.0J  £640
  Q8K Gun Metal with Machine Face Grand Sport aluminium Cup wheels: Front 19 X 10.0J; Rear 20 X 12.0J  £1,035
  Q8Z Chrome Grand Sport aluminium wheels:  Front 19 X 10.0J; Rear 20 X 12.0J  £1,585
  RUR Satin Black with red stripe Grand Sport aluminium Cup wheels: Front 19 X 10.0J; Rear 20 X 12.0J  £800
  J6F Red painted brake Calipers  £480
  XIEN Red Package  £3,590

* Please consult order guide for more detail on free flow options and where they are available in the range


EU Transport to Dealer  £517
EU Port Logistics  £149
EU Road Side Assistance  £174
Total EU Additional Costs  £840
Corvette Grand Sport Performance

Choice of Transmissions

Choose between a 7-speed manual or an available 8-speed paddle-shift automatic. The standard 7-speed with Active Rev Matching enhances the driving experience by simulating heel-toe shifting perfection. The available 8-speed paddle-shift transmission offers the smooth control of an automatic but with quick, precise shifts and manual mode for track driving.

Stopping Power

Large standard BREMBO® 14.6"/14.4" two-piece steel rotors give great braking control and available massive BREMBO® 15.5"/15.3" carbon ceramic rotors with the Z07 Performance Package help to dissipate heat after lap.

Corvette Grand Sport Exterior

Every line

Grand Sport combines signature Corvette DNA with ingenious engineering to create a stunning, track-ready aerodynamic sports car. Every exterior element has a purpose, including wide fenders to accommodate wider tires, giving Grand Sport incredible grip, aerodynamics, airflow and overall performance. And with a ton of color options as well as unique striping and fender hash marks, you can truly make Grand Sport yours.

Cool under pressure

A unique mesh grille features brake-cooling intakes, and massive hood vent helps keep the engine cool while contributing to downforce. Standard front and rear brake-cooling ducts, large rear-fascia openings and unique air blades over the inlets on the rear fender all keep vital components cool during extreme driving.

Heritage Package

The 2017 Corvette Grand Sport Heritage Package features hash mark fender graphics in six colors and unique interior touches, like brushed aluminum trim with hash mark details. And with available full-length stripe in five colors, you can personalize your Corvette like never before.


The fully electronic convertible top can be lowered by the press of a button or remotely using the key fob — even while driving up to 30 mph — and hides beneath a body-colored tonneau cover.

Grand Sport Collector Edition

This limited production edition (late availability) comes in all-new Watkins Glen Gray body color with Tension Blue fender hash marks and full-length Satin Black stripe, all sitting atop unique cup-style Black wheels. Step inside and you're greeted by a unique, driver-centric Tension Blue leather and suede wrapped interior with blue accent stitching. Available mid-model year 2017.

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